The Story Behind El Faunal

El Faunal Natural Reserve, founded in 2012 by Margarita and her sons David and Sebastian, is the result of a quest for harmony with nature. A life that is good for us and for the planet. For us, the knowledge and protection of this forest is a duty aswell as to share it.

We have documented the presence of more than 200 bird species inside the reserve including four endemics (unique to la Sierra). It's common the presence of different amazing bird species like beautiful keel-billed toucans, lots of tanagers and colorful hummingbirds. We also have reported the presence of several interesting mammals, such as armadillos, howler monkeys and endemic arboreal porcupines. Many anphibians and arthropodes, plants of traditional use for all purposes, and underground, the ancient stone trails of the people who lived and protected this place long time ago and the ruins of a coffee plantation abandoned in the harder times of the armed conflict.

Today we are here. The forest is back and the monkeys are howling. Our mission is to know and protect all this environmental richness while living in harmony and sharing this habitat with its fauna and flora and with nature lovers around the world.

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